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California Should Follow Greece's Example And Elect Conservative Leadership Now

California Should Follow Greece's Example And Elect Conservative Leadership Now

Not long ago (2008) Greece was making headlines for some of the worst news a country could face: economic collapse and financial default. Luckily for Greece, the UN was able to produce the largest financial rescue of a bankrupt nation in history (2010) by loaning Greece enough money to prevent a total default. Since then, the UN has had to re-bailout Greece multiple times and the Greece economy has continued to struggle in massive ways.

The high tax & anti-growth policies affecting Greece have been enabling poverty and anguish among the citizens for well over a decade. Just a few examples would include youth unemployment rate being above 40%, one third of the population currently living in poverty and an immense homelessness problem taking over the streets. At last, the citizens caught on to the economic mouse trap of statism and decided to ditch leftist policies in a big way. Winning the popular vote by over 8%, the Conservative Party of Greece has taken control of the wheel and is prepared to drive the economy in a direction unseen in decades.

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California, a single US state making up the world's 5th largest economy, is currently suffering from economic problems the likes of which are typically seen in third world countries. The state has rampant homelessness causing "tent cities", drugs and poverty are destroying once prospering neighborhoods, debt is extreme and growing larger while the state is ranked dead last in the country for quality of life. The state that once elected Ronald Reagan governor is now taxing and regulating the life out of it's citizens. In order to restore quality to the way of life for all people in California, the state must follow Greece's path and replace high-tax socialism with low-tax capitalism.

California Should Follow Greece's Example And Elect Conservative Leadership Now

The Syriza party, which was just defeated in Greece, is a left-wing group that was created by proud communist organizations of Greece such as the "Renewing Communist Ecological Left". This party has failed the people by prolonging and intensifying the economic troubles of the country. Raising taxes has not only lowered investment and business creation, but tax evasion is now extremely high resulting in the already fiscally crippled government now collecting less taxes with higher tax rates. The socialist policies of this party have caused private business to decline resulting in the Greece government's inability to meet their austerity payments, further resulting in the extremely unpopular cuts to pensions and other social programs.

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The New Democracy Party, lead by newly elected Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is pledging an American capitalism style approach to solve the economic and fiscal crisis. Often proclaiming "Job Jobs Jobs", the new Prime Minister can not stop talking about tax cuts, attracting investment, cutting bureaucracy and improving the overall job market. He plans to greatly improve tax compliance, spark business and industrial production, grow the country's diminished GDP and even run a federal surplus. It might be safe to predict that, if the new capitalist plan is carried through, the Greek economy will rebound and grow at a pace that very few will have thought possible.

Now, if only California can follow in these footsteps. If only California can curve it's immense homelessness. If only California can ditch the destructive liberal economic policies and allow freedom to guide their markets. If only California could set their sails for a lower cost of living and more competitive jobs market. If only California could restore conservative & capitalist economic policies for the prosperity of it's people.

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