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Can The USPS Be Trusted With Mass Mail-In Voting

This is not meant to be an insult or attack on the USPS, although the truth may not be very nice. The facts of the matter are that the organization is widely accepted as incompetent due to common mailing issues, it's poor performance compared to it's private market competitors and it's massive revenue losses year after years. We'll cover the general issues with the USPS in this article, how they impact mass mail-in voting and the documented political bias from the organization.

There have already been major issues with mail-in voting in 2020. Nevada sent over 200,000 mail-in ballots to wrong address. More than 100,000 mail-in ballots were rejected by California elections officials in their March 2020 primaries due to "mistakes." Four men from New Jersey were charged with multiple counts of voting fraud after the U.S. Postal Inspection Service reported finding hundreds of ballots in a single mailbox during a May 2020 election in the city of Paterson.

Let's take some perspective directly from the horse's mouth.

As early as 2015 the American Postal Workers' Union fully endorsed Bernie Sanders. In early 2020 they endorsed Bernie again with the pledged support of over 200,000 postal workers and union members. Now that the election has boiled down, the USPS has transitioned all of that support to Joe Biden. The organization is far from politically neutral yet it may be in control of millions of American's votes.

Through the summer of 2020 the USPS has sent detailed letters to 46 states warning that not all ballots casted by mail will be counted in time for election day on November 3rd. Martha Johnson, a spokeswoman for the USPS, was quoted saying "The Postal Service is asking election officials and voters to realistically consider how the mail works" due to the blatant uncertainties involved.

The following chart shows the exact states that received warnings from the Post Office, the severity of the warning, and over 200 million potential voters it could effect.

US Postal Service sends letters votes in time

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Currently every state will have to disregard the votes that come in after the election date. PA is working on measures that may allow them to count votes up to three days after the election. A delay in the voting results of one or more states leads to obvious concerns over miscounts, a "hanging chad" situations, targeted influence/fraud with knowledge of how other states have already voted and would set a new precedent as the first ever US presidential election to be delayed.

The major majority of the country is already at serious risk of having their votes dismissed while at the same time the USPS is currently decommissioning 10% of their mail sorting machines. Many of these machines would have been tasked with sorting ballots according to interviews with postal workers.

Although there was never an official reason given for the retirement of these machines, many believe it's a result of the programs massive financial problems. In fact, the Post Office has lost Billions of Dollars every year for 13 years straight totaling $77.8 Billion. The expected loss 2019 was 7.9 Billions, yet they've managed to exceed that with a whopping $8.8 Billion in net losses.

USPS loses money every year

Lets detail all of the facts:

  • The USPS has already undergone gigantic blunders and issues with mass mail-in voting in 2020.
  • The USPS has admitted to 46 states that they will not be able to accept millions of votes in time for the election.
  • Many mail sorting machines are currently being deactivated.
  • The USPS has been financially negligent and irresponsible for over a decade.
  • The organization and it's union have been politicized and is dedicated to the "Democratic Socialism" agenda of the Democrat Party.
  • The USPS is generally so incompetent compared to it's free market competitors that they have become the punchline of the viral shipping industry meme.

FedEx UPS USPS shipping meme

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The facts and evidence make it extremely clear that the US Postal Service cannot be trusted to properly handle mass mail-in voting. The inability to trust the USPS comes directly from the mouth of the organization, is clearly documented by mass mail-in mistakes that have happened already, amplified by their history of financial & shipping blunders and is atrocious given the massive amount of employees and union members who have pledged their allegiance to a single political party. The media and Democrats will continue to reject the idea of any problems with mass-mail in voting regardless of any facts, evidence or statistics. Americans must stay smart and stay strong in the everlasting fight to preserve freedom and fair elections.

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