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China Is Using Climate Change To Take Over The USA

China Is Using Climate Change To Take Over The USA

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We all love the USA and are not fans of communist china but we have to be honest about what’s going on here. At the UNGA76 (the 76th United Nations General Assembly) where global tyrants, I mean global leaders, got together to share their ideas on tyranny, I mean policy. President Joe Biden spent most of his time telling everyone how scared he is of climate change and how the world needs to work together to stop it. Emphasizing how the only cure to their climate doomsday, and they’re very open about this, is essentially shutting down energy, stopping manufacturing and destroying the economy.

They say they want to be carbon neutral countries, well there are already a few carbon neutral countries out there and they’re the poorest in the world with the lowest life expectancy and worst quality of life. Carbon means farming, gas, oil, electricity, energy, manufacturing, jobs jobs jobs and these people want to stop it. Politicians want to ban it and even left wing bankers have stopped giving loans to fossil fuel businesses.

Meanwhile China fully understands that carbon, yes CO2, is in fact NOT causing an apocalypse or even impacting the climate and we’ll address that at the end. China is the largest CO2 producer in the world by far. Just look at the data, each year the USA and Europe reduced their carbon and get poorer while China increased by a lot, and got much richer. And contrary to what President Xi of China says, they are openly expanding their oil, gas and manufacturing industries in a big way.

Blatantly lying about plans to cut emissions. China Is Planning to Build 43 New Coal-Fired Power Plants right now. So while the USA and Europe are working to join carbon neutral countries like Tuvalu, which has 46% poverty rate, or Suriname which has a 47% poverty rate, China is moving full speed ahead to become the undisputed economic and energy super power of the world.

To make matters even worse, China is still convincing these world tyrants, I mean leaders, that China is still a developing nation, which gives them special privileges. For example, at the UNGA76 grandpa Biden pledged that the USA will give $100 billion to developing nations. Again, China smart, USA (and world) dumb.

The USA has tons of untapped oil, rare earth minerals and metals used to build batteries and computer chips but due to climate commies we can’t even mine them, but China sure can and they sure are! America wants to force citizens to switch to solar and wind power and guess where the materials for solar and wind mined and made too, China. And everybody is too scared to stand up to China because of economic or political blowback, the fear of military conflict or media blowback falsely claiming racism. Unless something changes quickly, communist China will soon rule the world. 

All because while the rest of the world is brainwashed by false information, China understands that The climate has been changing for millions of years, long long before mass carbon production that started in the 1950s. Also that it was much warmer than today during the Roman Warming Period and Medieval Warming Period which had no greenhouse gasses, look it up. China knows there’s no climate crisis and that carbon is not Armageddon, They see a great opportunity and are set to take full advantage of it unless the USA and world wises up and gets tough.

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