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Economic Records: Most People Employed AND Most Job Openings in US History

The US economy has been on an upswing since roughly 2011 when effects of the Great Recession had finally started to turn around. The economy was doing relatively alright prior to the housing collapse of 2008. With unemployment in the mid 4s and the Dow Jones surpassing 14,000 for the first time ever in 2007, the only real economic issues seemed to be gas prices or products of terrorism. Unfortunately, immense fiscal dangers loomed underneath a seemingly sustainable economy much like a hungry crocodile may loom beneath a pleasant body of water.

Many people, including many scholars, give large amounts of credit to President Barrack Obama for his economic recovery which took a whopping 8 years just to regain pre-recession levels. This does not sound like a great economic success in other people’s opinions as President Ronald Reagan had set a strong recovery precedent in the 1980s. Once President Trump was elected on Nov 8th, 2016, a shift was felt and noticeably seen in the economy. From the stock market going on to break a record number of records, to business and manufacturing optimism also breaking record levels, it is clear that the economy had been awakened and energized upon Trump's Nov 8th victory.

Economic Records: Most People Employed AND Most Job Openings in US History

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Momentum is a very real phenomenon and one in which successful entrepreneurs know how to take advantage of. President Trump’s policies have driven so much economic momentum that more people are now employed in the United States then any other time in history, there are more job openings today than any other time in history and there are more job openings than there are unemployed people for the first time ever (stats and references below). Any of these accomplishments alone are a massive success, but these records occurring simultaneously will have much larger benefits than just plentiful job options for employees. One example would be; a strong job market creates competition among employers to find and keep the best employees they can, often leading to pay, benefits and hours increases.

The catalysts to Trump’s momentous economy can be found in the Tax Cuts and Job's Act of 2017 as well as massive deregulation on a level literally never seen before. To call it what it is, President Trump is breaking economic records by simply implementing trickle down economics and encouraging capitalism. The fact of the matter is that the free market economic system has been the most successful method of promoting prosperity for a general society in the history of the world. In short, this is why America has transitioned from the newest country on the map to the most powerful and economically prosperous country in the world. Thanks to the re-implementation of strong free market principles including tax cuts and business deregulation (i.e. less government, more freedom), there are now more people working in the U.S. than at any other time in history and we don't even have enough to people to fill all of the available job openings.

Economic Records: Most People Employed AND Most Job Openings in US History

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that the most recent number of job openings is a record high of 7.3 million positions, while the most recent number of unemployed people is quite below that figure for the first time ever at 6.2 million, and the total number of employed Americans is the highest ever at 158,000,000.

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