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Fooled with Russia, Shame on Dems. Fooled with Ukraine, Shame on You.

Okay, so we can give shame to the Democrats for both.

But have you not caught on to their political games yet? Has their "cries of wolf" not dampened your faith in them? Have you now been fooled twice (or maybe many more times) by the Democrat Party? Well I'm here to tell you not to put the blame on yourself but to instead blame those responsible for taking advantage of you.

Let us just type some similar keywords and phrases here from media frenzy headlines of the past few years: Russia, Jussie Smollett, Covington Catholic, North Korea, net neutrality, Kavanaugh, trade talks, tax cuts for the rich, President Hillary Clinton, a new recession and Ukraine... So what exactly do all of these words and phrases have in common?

Each topic named above (but not limited to) has been proven to be pushed with a false narrative from the main stream media and political left in just the last few years as described below:

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After 2.5 years of constant media lies, the Mueller investigation has proven Trump's innocence of any collusion or wrongdoing regarding Russia. Jussie Smollett was such a fraud that he was charged with orchestrating a fake hate crime. It was the "Black Israelites" whom instigated the entire Covington ordeal, leaving Nick Sandman eligible to sue many media outlets and celebrities for slander. The "looming nuclear war" with North Korea actually turned out to be historic peace and monumental global diplomatic progress. Every millennial (except me) thought that the internet would break with the repeal of net neutrality, the results have shown the contrary with a freer and faster internet. Record-breakingly extensive investigations have completely exonerated Brett Kavanaugh in front of the whole country. The so-called "destructive" trade talks have lead to new trade deals with Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea and have strengthened our position with China. The tax-cuts were said to be for the rich and prophesied to bring no benefit to the middle class, while the middle class has been the largest beneficiary of the tax cuts from wage growth, industry booms, more job options, better benefits, bigger retirements and not mention the actual reduction of personal taxes. The 1,000,000 to 1 chance the media gave Trump to win in 2016 seems repulsive given his electoral landslide of 306. The immediate media forecast following the Muller Report was that a recession was on the way, except the Dow Jones broke 28,000 for the first time ever on 11/15/2019 during an impeachment hearing. Speaking of which, is this Ukraine motivated impeachment hearing based on complete fallacies which are sure to crumble in time just as every single other story for-mentioned here has? Absolutely.

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The same people who fell for the net neutrality scare are the same people who fell for the Covington Catholic lie and the same people who fell for the Kavanaugh fallacies and the same people who fell for the Jussie Smollet stories and the same people who fell for the Russia hoax and now they're falling for the Ukraine scam.. You will never be on the accurate side of history so long as you allow your mind to be made using emotions rather than facts, as the left loves to do. There is a difference between opinion and fact and that difference lies within the evidence present.

Fooled With Russia, Shame On Dems. Fooled With Ukraine, Shame On You.

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