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How Clinton, The DNC & The Media Almost Stole An Election

The Horowitz IG Report confirms critical FISA abuses, FBI corruption and provides the final evidence needed to complete a full & factual analysis of the Trump-Russia Investigation.

What you're about to read is not opinion. The entire Trump-Russia investigation was started by individuals who were fully aware that absolutely no collusion or crime had been committed by Trump or his campaign. Hillary Clinton & The DNC, through the company "Fusion GPS" with the help of Bruce & Nelly Ohr, paid British spy Christopher Steele to gather information on Russia-Trump collusion.

This information was the "central and essential" tool (per the Horowitz Report) used by the FBI to pursue FISA warrants against the Trump campaign. These FISA warrants were used to spy on the Trump campaign through the means of wiretapping, 'informants', sham defensive briefings, documentation collection and ultimately lead to the Mueller Investigation.

How Clinton, The DNC & The Media Almost Stole An Election

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Steele was caught (and later admitted to) providing false and unverified information to the FBI and was ultimately let go from his role. From there, the FBI continued to use Steele information 13 more times including 1 situation where Steele had leaked false info to Yahoo News resulting in the FBI then using the particular Yahoo News article to continue obtaining FISA warrants. As the IG report states, our FBI knowingly committed at least 17 inaccuracies, factual errors and omissions to obtain the FISA warrants that were used to spy on the Trump campaign and launch the Mueller Investigation.

FBI officials directly involved, Peter Strzok & Lisa Page, were caught red handing sending many text messages about this scheme such as "we know there's no 'there' there", "this is just an insurance policy", and directly regarding a potential Trump victory "we'll stop it". The Democrat Party, and certain FBI officials, knowingly misled the FISA court in order to spy on an opposition political campaign in an attempt to rig a presidential election. They then went on to use the highest levels and powers of the federal government to attempt an overthrow of a duly elected president.

This is one the greatest political corruption cases in American history yet through it all President Trump is working hard and winning bigly for America.

P.S. These are the exact same individuals who wrongfully exonerated the guilty Hillary Clinton. This story is far from over.

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How Clinton, The DNC & The Media Almost Stole An Election

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