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Russia & Trump: The Question NOBODY is Asking

To answer this question, we’ll have to set opinions aside and be investigative of recent USA-Russia relations. Today there are multiple US Intel and government agencies that are confident of Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election to favor both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

There has been an active Special Counsel investigation regarding Russian collusion from the Trump campaign lasting now over a year and a half. There is, after all of this time, 0 evidence of any collusion or wrong doing on behalf of Candidate Trump. So what would be a key question to ask for this investigation?

What motive would Russia have to support Candidate Trump over Hillary Clinton and how is that motive being realized today through President Trump?

Many believe that Putin favored Trump in an effort to create an overall weaker America. Many speculate that Putin wanted Trump to be elected so that Trump could do Putin’s bidding in America. So the question, what exactly is that “bidding” and how has Trump been fulfilling it?

In an attempt to find a motive, let’s take a look at how Trump has treated Russia and President Putin since taking office. Whether Trump was aware of it at the time or not, Russia did attempt to interfere in the 2016 election.

Let’s begin at home. President Trump is implementing an intense “America First” agenda which includes but is not limited to strong border security, enabling a booming and record breaking economy, the appointment of strong Constitutional conservative judges, the largest increase of our military funding, expansion and advancement in history. He has fought hard against human trafficking, against unfair treatment of our veterans, has taken practical actions to lower prescription drug costs, is leading the fight against the opioid epidemic and he protects individual freedoms such as the 2nd amendment, School Choice and The Right to Try. President Trump, in his mind, has set our sails for the purpose of becoming the strongest economic, military and energy power in the world (and last I checked, Russia is in the world). So in what ways, if any, has America weakened or has Russia benefited from President Trump’s domestic policies?

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We've discussed domestic, well how about foreign?

The Trump administration has stuck up for our allies against Russia. When Sergei Skripal (ex-spy) and his daughter were poisoned by nerve gas in their London home, courtesy of the Kremlin, the USA immediately expelled 60 Russian diplomats from America. I’m comparison, Germany expelled 3 Russian Diplomats and the UK expelled 29 over the incident.

Trump publicly blasts certain countries, like Germany, for allowing Russia to supply the majority of their oil. He’s negotiated a 41% funding increase (up $1.4 Billion) of the European Deferment Initiative, which is a military effort to deter Russian aggression. Trump has argued for a stronger, richer NATO by getting countries who were previously not contributing the agreed 2% GDP to pay up now. NATO President Jens Stoltenburg directly credited President Trump for NATO’s 5% funding increase in 2017 along with increased military training and drills.

Let’s not forget about sanctions, sanctions, sanctions on dozens of Russian oligarchs, companies and officials set in place by the Trump administration along with the closing of Russian diplomatic facilities in San Francisco, Washington and New York.

He’s attacked the Syrian military of Assad (Putin’s “friend”) in response to chemical weapon attacks on civilians. Trump has given U.S. troops in Syria more leeway to engage against Russian troops and he has approved the largest sale of lethal weapons to the Ukraine (a Russian adversary).

He’s taking actions, for the first time in decades, to restore America’s international trade deals which currently give us a huge deficit and disadvantage. Trump has set America on the path to be fully energy independent and even a major energy exporter in direct competition with Russia (something that Trump often boasts). So what motive did Russia have to meddle in the 2016 election? How exactly has Russia benefited from a Trump presidency?

Statistically and universally the U.S. economy is booming in all aspects even despite current trade tensions. Economic records are being broken so often that it’s no longer a surprise when you hear of one. The United States military and the forces which would stand against Russia, including NATO, have statistically never been stronger.

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The Soviet’s once wanted to destroy America, especially from within. As Putin is an ex-KGB officer, how on earth is President Trump implementing a Russian agenda in America if America is domestically and internationally winning so damn much right now? What’s the motive? What’s the point? What gives? Is Vladimir Putin secretly an American patriot at heart who wants to see the USA prosper? Doubt it.

Russia meddled in favor of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, per U.S. Intel committees (fact). There has been no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion even after a special counsel investigation, campaign phone tapping and even a campaign spy (fact). Some have called Trump the toughest post-cold war President on Russia and he is implementing policies in an attempt to make America a global super power on multiple levels. Trump’s domestic and global agenda is generally bad for Russia (fact).

And Finally the opinion…


Russia meddled in the 2016 election as an attempt to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President (regardless of who beat her) for the purpose of preventing further destabilization of the Middle East and preventing further political turmoil throughout the world as Hillary’s track record at the state department could easily be considered as horrendous (OPINION). The Trump collusion case is an absolute witch hunt created by the same individuals at the FBI and DNC whom worked to exonerate a clearly guilty Hillary Clinton… But there will be another posting for that matter. The Deep State is crumbling.

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