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The Democrat’s Secret Motive: Judge Kavanaugh & Justice Thomas Comparison

We will be discussing how the Democrats are strategically acting out a secret motive and the similarities between Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas and nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court in 1991 by President George H. Bush as the second African-American to be nominated. Upon his nomination, Thomas was said to have an impeccable record and was expected to sweep the Senate vote for Supreme Court approval.

Thomas was accused of sexual misconduct at the last moment. He went on to publicly claim that the Senate Democrats were using a false story to perform a “High-Tech Lynching“ against him. We can classify this acquisition as false as the claimed victim Anita Hill testified publicly in front of Congress and the world, never being able to prove her case or site relevant facts. One person’s “Word” is not credible in a court of law. It must be backed with evidence, testimonies or AT LEAST a story/motive that makes sense. Furthermore, if there is evidence and motive against said person’s word, the person is very likely a liar. Some would even classify Anita Hill's extremely last minute (and first time) acquisitions as perjury.

The Democrat’s Secret Motive: Judge Kavanaugh & Thomas Comparison Anita Hill

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Judge Kavanaugh was nominated to The Supreme Court in 2018 by President Donald Trump. The nerds that we are… We’ve watched pretty much his entire Senate and Congressional nomination hearings. The entire theme was “Democrats attack Kavanaugh”.

After hundreds of hours of public/private questioning, a record number of documents produced (over 1 million), 1,000 written questions, and full compliance from Brett Kavanaugh throughout his hearing... Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein decided to release, at the very last moment, a piece of information that she claims to have been aware of for over 3 months. Another “High-Tech Lynching”, meaning another false and well timed sexual misconduct accusation

Now. The Secret Motive..

Human psychology positions us to lean towards conclusions that favor our immediate emotions rather than timely conclusions based on facts and evidence. We must always verify vigorously before we conclude.

Example, when a woman accuses a man of sexual misconduct our initial reaction is to feel sympathy for the woman and anger towards the man. This is probably the right way to feel initially! BUT we must always verify vigorously before we conclude.

The Democrat’s Secret Motive: Judge Kavanaugh & Thomas Comparison

Thomas, who was expected to sweep the Senate, was only confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 52 to 48 in 1991. Republicans, the party behind the 19th Amendment and Women's Rights, were then smeared as being Anti-Women as 1992 launched "The Year of the Women".

Which in retrospect, was simply a Pro-Democrat & Anti-Republican movement.

So although these accusations had zero evidence, zero proof, and actually had records/history/testimonies proving against them... The opinion of Congress AND the United States voters was greatly impacted.

The Democrat's Secret Motive with the false Kavanaugh accusations (a High-Tech Lynching) is to emotionally manipulate American voters through lies and anger into voting for more Democrats as they try to paint Republicans as rapists and rape sympathizers, essentially as Anti-Women. This worked in 1992, and it will work again unless the American citizens have caught on to the Democrat’s deceiving political tactics. Thankfully, many many have decided to #WalkAway.

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