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Why "Unmasking" and Investigating General Michael Flynn was Illegal


Lots of breaking news has been reported in the first half of May 2020 related to the "unmasking" and investigation of General Michael Flynn. In this article we cover the full story including why the investigation of Flynn is now being called entrapment, what exactly it means to "unmask" someone and why the failed Russian Collusion investigation is being referred to as Obamagate.

The Horowitz IG report from 2019 confirmed that multiple FISA abuses did take place in order the probe the 2016 Trump campaign. We explain this HERE and how the entire investigation originated from false information known as the Christopher Steele dossier, paid for by the Clinton campaign. The plot has heavily thickened in 2020 as more information is continuing to be unsealed showing the illegal origins of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

The most recent development is the release of the names of high ranking Obama Administration officials who personally requested the "unmasking" of former Trump campaign advisor General Michael Flynn. On national TV, Joe Biden stated "I know nothing about the moves to investigate Michael Flynn." The very next day the National Intelligence Director released the names which includes Joe Biden, James Comey and a dozen other top officials. We could debate whether Biden lied or was somehow mistaken but there is bigger fish to fry.

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"Unmasking" is the process of revealing the identity of an American's private phone conversations without a Constitutional warrant. It is the definition of eavesdropping and can easily be considered spying. The particular American who was targeted happened to be a high ranking advisor to an incoming president of the opposition political party as well as a 30 year decorated combat veteran.

We learned from the Horowitz report that the entire collusion investigation was based on a known false premise. Yet the Vice President, FBI Director and a dozen other top officials pursued the spying of Michael Flynn (among other Trump associates) and continued to lie about it. It gets much worse.

Almost a week prior to the "unmasking" release, another huge piece of information was discovered regarding the General. Handwritten notes by our FBI on the day of their "incriminating" interview with Flynn clearly state; "Afterward: What is the goal? Truth? Admission? Or to get him to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired?" This is clear entrapment to go along with the documented spying and FISA abuse of the James Comey FBI against American citizens.

Entrapment is when law enforcement induces someone to commit a crime they would have otherwise not committed and is illegal in the United States. The leaked handwritten notes prompted the DOJ to drop all charges against Michael Flynn as it was evident that he was set up by our FBI.

While having his case dropped in early May, more documents were released which show that the FBI had found no wrongdoing by Flynn and was prepared to close the case on January 4th 2017. To use their own words: “A review of logical ... databases did not yield information on which to predicate further investigative efforts.” This investigation of Flynn began in the spring on 2016 under code-name “Crossfire Razor" and had come to its conclusion.

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Latter that very same day a text message from Peter Strzok himself kept the case alive. The texts read: “Hey, don’t close RAZOR,” and “7th floor involved.” The "7th floor" is referenced as the very top level FBI executives. We have verified that Barrack Obama also had a say in this reversal of the closure of Crossfire Razor. The Obama Administration superseded the findings of the FBI investigation and at this point began their authorizations to "unmask" General Flynn.

On January 5th, the day after the reversal of the Flynn Case, a meeting took place with Obama and his cabinet members. Former Attorney General Sally Yates has admitted that after the meeting Obama told Comey and herself to stay behind. Yates said that Obama immediately began discussing Flynn and possibly prosecuting him under the Logan Act. The released documents state “She was so surprised by the information she was hearing that she was having a hard time processing it and listening to the conversation at the same time.” This was 15 days before the inauguration of Donald Trump.

There's been more dirt released on President Obama over these past three weeks than multi million dollar investigations could find on President Trump over the past three years. Under full awareness that there was no wrongdoing by members of the Trump campaign, with known faulty information from the Clinton funded Christopher Steele dossier, the Obama Administration and highest members of the FBI spied on an opposition political candidate through various methods and then further attempted to overthrow an American election. That is illegal and the legacy of Obama(gate).

The entire pursuit of Flynn was simply the result of the false Trump-Russia collusion claims. Of all of the charges that came from the Mueller investigation, not one of them actually pertained to collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. To quote the final Mueller report, "the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference attempts."

Russia tried to influence the 2016 election and was proven to have not colluded with Trump. Obama tried to influence the 2016 election and was proven to have colluded with our own FBI.

Paul Manafort (temporary chair of the 2016 Trump campaign) was imprisoned for 8 criminal charges, all of which were financial crimes from his past and had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump or the 2016 election. Yet the shepherd media will only report his sentencing as "related to Robert Mueller's Russia investigation" in what is a blatant misguidance of the American people. He was released from prison in mid May due to virus concerns.

The media called General Flynn a Russian double agent for over a year. Anyone who thought that was true or had faith in the Mueller investigation must walk away from the Democrat Party or accept a life of being constantly incorrect and lied to.

The Russian Hoax was the greatest Witch Hunt since Salem and its origin is the story of the greatest American corruption case in history.

If George Bush did to Barack Obama what Barack Obama did to Donald Trump the news media would have called Bush a modern day Benedict Arnold. The American people are disrespected by the free press's dedication to a political party rather than to our country.

Joe Biden was the Vice President during the first administration in history in which the powers of the federal government and FBI were used in an attempt to rig and then overthrow an American election. The sentence you've just read is a historical fact and the story is not yet over.

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