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Don't Tread On Hong Kong

Don't Tread On Hong Kong

There is no greater passion than that which persists with the fight for freedom. America has showed this passion many times, fighting for freedom in the World Wars, Civil War and of course The Revolutionary War. We've fought for freedom by pushing forward with new Amendments, ensuring that individual rights are protected and causing an uproar whenever we feel our rights our being infringed upon. Unfortunately, we do live in a world where there will always be a government or individual seeking tyranny and oppression. Thankfully, we live in the same world where many other individuals will be willing and ready to fight right back.

Milton Friedman loved to use Hong Kong as an example of what a free market can produce when government stays uninvolved in the lives of individuals. The once impoverished harbor had very little resources aside from the harbor itself, lots of people and freedom. With no restrictive regulations, no tariffs or limits on imports or exports and extremely minimal (usually non existent) taxes, the once barren rock grew into an economic powerhouse holding one of the highest living standards in Asia. Hong Kong quickly created more jobs than there were number of people and saw wages increase at a rapid pace even as massive immigration was causing population to more than quadruple. The power of capitalism.

Don't Tread On Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is currently listed as the number 1 most economically free country in the world by The Heritage Foundation. The people of Hong Kong enjoy freedom and happiness while those on the very same continent are restricted in speech, religion and even the amount of children they may have. A Chinese Extradition Bill was introduced by Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam, causing the citizens of Hong Kong to absolutely uproar. Constant and large protests have been taking place in opposition of the bill including a massive gathering of over 1 million people. The fear is that communist China would stifle political opposition in Hong Kong, silence many media and protester voices, allow China to arrest people with unfair trials and overall be an step towards complete Chinese overrule.

Don't Tread On Hong Kong

The people of Hong Kong are extremely grateful for their freedom and know exactly what they have to lose if China decides to take over. Their voices are loud and are not going unheard. The entire world watches yet again as a simple and large group of citizens boldly stand up to the threat of tyranny from a large and power government. Not only do we hope that the people of Hong Kong are forever successful in their stance against Chinese extradition, we hope that China itself will one day take a wide step away from the communism which it allows to hinder the happiness and liberty of it's people.

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