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GOYA Foods: Donations, Charities and Support

What charities does GOYA Foods support meme

GOYA Foods has an impressive list of charitable contributions. The USA based business is the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the country. In the wake of the CEO's simple and supportive comments about President Trump, many have taken to social media to demand boycotting and closing the company.

In the United States of America, our First Amendment is supposed to protect our right to speak freely and openly. However free speech is still often on the assault by the collective intolerance of the American Left. This is evident as the wildly successful and philanthropic Hispanic GOYA CEO Robert Unanue is ridiculed, disrespected and attempted to be cancelled for his calm support of President Trump, America and Christianity.

As the Liberal mob is trying to socially sink the company, Conservatives are stepping up to show support for those who are wiling to speak proudly for America. Below are some examples of how GOYA gives back to the country and the world. This is what the Left is trying to cancel through both intolerance based censorship and their general assaults on business and entrepreneurship.

What charities does GOYA Foods donate meme

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  • Provides employment to over 4000 people in 26 facilities.
  • Donated 200,000 lbs of food and 20,000 masks during the COVID-19 pandemic so far.
  • Donated 18,225 Meals to NYC students and families.
  • Donates toys, food and financial assistance to multiple orphanages.
  • Donated 180,000 lbs of food to Venezuelans starving from socialism.
  • Provide four $20,000 annual culinary scholarships for students.
  • Works with and donates to hundreds of other programs as listed here.

    You can support these initiatives as well as GOYA Foods in general by simply enjoying their delicious products. Look for their logo in stores or visit their website by clicking here.

    Here is the clip of GOYA CEO Robert Unanue's comments on President Trump:

    GOYA donations for the COVID-19 pandemic were made directly to Catholic Charities of New York and Newark, Food Education Fund, The Sisters of Life, The NY Common Pantry in partnership with New York City FC, City Harvest in New York City, The Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Secaucus Food Pantry, families of Cristo Rey High School, Jersey City Medical Center, The City of Jersey City for the Homeless, Holy Name Hospital, and Kingsborough Community College; Caring for Friends in Philadelphia; Feeding South Florida; The Houston Food Bank, Latino Learning Centers Inc., Tejano Center for Community Concerns, Texas Feeding Alliance and Catholic Charities of San Antonio in Texas; The Salvation Army Little Village, Catholic Charities Casa Latina and Children's Hunger Fund in Chicago.

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    comment 7 comments

    Jeffrey Duban calendar_today

    Would like to make a contribution for charitable food giving. Looking everywhere on Goya’s website but DO NOT find the appropriate prompt. It should be front and center!

    Thank you,
    Jeffrey Duban

    Rene Donaldson calendar_today

    Robert Unanue has just gotten a new American customer. This man has sense. Why would Latinos boycott this man’s business if he’s promoting Donald Trump whose helping Hispanics. The more Trump seems to do for minority groups the more they seem to hate him; it would be a lot easier and more logical to focus on non Hispanic Whites and do nothing for Hispanics. Just read the Executive Order and stop listening to the racists stating Trump hates Hispanics.


    President Robert Unanue has logic; he has rationale; he thinks for himserf unemottionally and he has BALLS and he’s not BACKING DOWN. Keep the up the excellent work President Robert Unanue and don’t PUNK OUT like Chik -FilA.

    Rohnie Williams calendar_today

    I go out an support this fine company everyday at different stores, some are often sold out.

    Tina Groseclose calendar_today

    We support President Trump and Goya foods! I buy and will continue to buy Goya! Thank you for keeping strong in your beliefs! God and Country! Stay strong you are supported!

    Madeline Baker calendar_today

    I support Goya Foods. When are people going to learn, you can’t say what you believe in this country any more. The censor police are always on the lookout for Trump supporters. I voted for President Trump and come November, I will vote for him again, as well as my husband and daughter! I am not ashamed to say I am a Trump supporter. I also am a Goya Foods supporter! You do so much good. Don’t listen to the naysayers but, do watch your back! Be careful and God Bless you, your family and the people you support. Good luck.

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