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Three Great Abe Lincoln Shirts

abe lincoln funny shirt

Before electricity there was no bat signal, but Lincoln was there to save the day. Other shirts may be cool, but are they Abe Lincoln wearing a Batman mask cool? Probably not. This popular design always draws a chuckle from anyone who sees it.

Lincoln Batman and the other two shirts shown are designed & printed in the USA. These unique designs cannot be found in stores. Items ship within 2 business days and have many color options to pick from!

Party leaders in more ways than one, raise your cups for the USA! Show up to the party with the hottest USA beer pong shirt around. Enjoy this funny presidential drinking shirt with your friends.

George Washington and Abe Lincoln on a team, drinking with their cups held high at the beer pong table. You can secure this funny patriotic shirt for the 4th of July but remember that it looks great year-round.

The perfect gift for any history buff. Make them laugh but keep the class with this funny Abraham Lincoln t-shirt.

Fun Facts: President Abe Lincoln was so buff and fit that he would challenge US troops to strength tests while in office. Young Lincoln built up plenty of muscle as a boy working for various labor jobs and even earned himself the nickname "Rail Splitter" from his talent with an ax. The combination of strength and intelligence of Abe Lincoln brings new meaning to the phrase history buff.

Funny Abe Lincoln t-shirt

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