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TikTok Executives Posing With Communist Hammer & Sickle Flag in China

TikTok Executives Posing With Communist Hammer & Sickle Flag

A picture has gone viral of top executives from ByteDance, the company that is parent to the video-sharing app TikTok, posing with the communist Hammer & Sickle flag as well as Chinese Communist Party members. The photo is from 2019 at the company's headquarters in Beijing. We will give details of the situation followed by a brief explanation of the origin of China's intentions and where they may lead.

TikTok ByteDance Communist China CCP Flag

The Hammer and Sickle has represented Communism since the Soviet Union adopted it as their official symbol in 1922.

"Taiwan News" has reported that the CCP branch of the Information and Communication Department and the Haidian District Overseas Chinese Federation (HCTF) was responsible for the event.

All Chinese companies are required to have a CCP member on their executive team. ByteDance has had an internal CCP committee at its company since 2017. The committee, which is headed by Party secretary and company editor-in-chief Zhang Fuping, gathers regularly to study speeches by Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping and "pledge[s] to follow the party in technological innovation."

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ByteDance meeting with CCP China Communist Party

The event mission statement shown above reads "Never forget the original intention, remember the mission, and promote the new era of Overseas Chinese Federation information communication work."

During the event, TikTok's technical staff explained in detail to the CCP the methods of their operation mechanism, including its ability to harvest massive amounts of data, carrying out in-depth data mining and analyzing user behavior.

Human rights activist Jennifer Zeng released these photos on Wednesday, 08/05/2020 and provided the following information:

  • ByteDance's staff showed CCP members how TikTok can mine large amounts of user data and analyze user behavior.
  • Shi Yue, a CCP secretary with the HCTF, discussed the work of the HCTF in spreading propaganda overseas and the general principles of information dissemination.
  • Feng Kaixu, the deputy secretary of the CCP committee and deputy editor-in-chief of ByteDance, talked about the company's business and Party-building work.
  • Zuo Zhiqiang, secretary of the CCP's Information Dissemination Department, emphasized the study and implementation of Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the main education theme. Zeng told Taiwan News that this was all party talk to "preserve the CCP's power and promote CCP's model to the world."
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TikTok working with CCP China Communist Party

(Right) Shi Yue, (Left) Zuo Zhiqiang

Communism is the ideological baby of Karl Marx. It was his vision to see all of business, industry and production controlled and carried out by some form of centralized government. This centralized control has always led to failure for a nation's citizens while giving a false illusion that production is owned by the "community." The CCP, taking lessons from both the success of the USA and the failure of the Soviet Union, has actually opened their markets to sustain and expand their rule.

The societal system of Marx cannot operate without ripping away freedom, individual liberty, property rights and ultimately using the power of a gun to scare or shoot away any objectors or business-people (bourgeois) whom dissent. The anti-capitalist nature of communists have made them hateful towards and an enemy of the United States of America and any Western powers that promote economic and social freedom. This difference in thinking was the basis of the Cold War and to many is known as the great battle of good vs evil.

Many have compared today's geopolitical climate between the USA and China as a new cold war. The truth is, communism by default is constantly at war with capitalism both ideologically and systematically. Yet even the CCP has strategically utilized capitalistic aspects (as they've been proven to work) in order to grow their own economy and power. When the time is right, the Communist Party of China may use their power and position to overhaul private business and further attempt global Marxist dominance as the Hammer & Sickle has always intended.

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Communist China vs USA America

Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump is giving Microsoft until Sept. 15 to reach a deal to purchase TikTok from its Chinese owner ByteDance before banning the app. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused TikTok of passing on user data to the Chinese government. TikTok has denied these claims extensively in lieu of the facts listed in the article of their direct coordination with the CCP. Even the National Security Law implemented by the CCP in 2015, as well as the National Intelligence Law and the Cybersecurity Law implemented in 2017, require all Chinese internet companies to spread information and take actions online that is beneficial to the CCP.

What we know for sure is that communist China has ill intentions, desires for global dominance and is gathering mass information on millions of U.S. citizens and people around the world.

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