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Why is Violent Crime Rising Across America in 2020

Why is Violent Crime Rising Across America in 2020

Violent crime in major US cities has skyrocketed in the year 2020. Cities like New York, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis and more have seen double and sometimes triple digit increases in multiple types on violent crimes.

The resurgence of the American economy under President Trump led to dozens of record breaking job and market statistics in 2019. The desire to improve our economy is often dismissed by certain people and groups as nothing more than greed and giving power to the rich. The truth is that a rising tide lifts all boats and the growth of an economy has impacts far deeper than just monetary. The following FBI violent crime statistics represent the first half of 2018 compared to 2019:

Robbery (-7.4%)
Rape (-7.3%)
Murder and manslaughter (-3.9%)
Burglary (-11.1%)
Motor vehicle theft (-6.7%)
Larsony theft (-4.2%)

It's no coincidence that as the US economy was seeing record breaking numbers in 2019 that multiple types of violent crime also saw a significant drop.

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It's also not a coincidence that as the economy was forcibly shut down in 2020 we've also seen massive, sometimes triple digit, increases in violent crimes all across America. The social, physical and financial assaults on the police have also played a great role. Americans should be united in our effort to improve our economy for the sake of all people and reject the mainstream liberal ideology that correlates economics, wealth and capitalism with greed, inequality and class warfare.

The best welfare program is a good paying job. Robberies, theft and many aggravated assaults could be avoided if the the assailant had sufficient and legal streams of income. Also, a full time job ensure that individuals will be preoccupied for at least 40 hours a week whereas unemployment ensures plenty of amble time for criminal activities. As the old saying goes, idle hands are the devil's workshop.

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